At Getir, our value promise is to deliver thousands of everyday items, throughout, Istanbul, to our users in an average of 10 minutes.

This means bringing together the worlds of technology, supply chain, retail, analytics, marketing, and more. We strive for perfection, even in areas where traditional convention argues that perfection is impossible. Considering that we nearly a thousand items through the app, it is imperative that all these items be available, at the right condition, to all of our users, all the time.

Thus, availability is incredibly important for Getir. Our unique business model requires a mix of innovative and traditional supply chain methods so that we can better live up to our value promise. This is where our spectacular Demand Planning team comes in. They make sure that all of our of offerings are available for our users. It is not an easy job, but they enjoy the challenge. As Getir has grown, it has become imperative that we further strengthen the team.

We are going to hire multiple talents to work with us in demand planning processes of different categories (Water, Food etc.)

What You’ll Do

  • Plan, execute and optimize hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly purchase orders with numerous multinational and local suppliers
  • Coordinate the triangular relationship between Getir, suppliers, and franchises so that all products are available everywhere, all the time
  • Conduct our product’s logistics planning in order to ensure 100% availability, everywhere, all the time
  • Prepare daily, weekly, monthly reports concerning key performance indicators
  • Coordinate and work with our wonderful Category Management, Marketing and Distribution Center teams to manage product lifecycles (launch phase, promotions, coordination with suppliers etc.)
  • Stretch yourself in ways you did not know you even stretched
  • Be here and there. Brainstorm with the Data team and oversee the implementation of projects in the central in the same day, all while making more observations that will turn into action the next day
  • Travel to our numerous warehouses in Istanbul, if needed
  • Be awesome


  • University degree
  • ''Extreme willingness to learn'' as it is more important than prior experience
  • Great communication skills
  • Very good Excel skills or willingness to learn how to exceptionally use Excel
  • Resilience
  • Get your hands dirty when needed
  • Have fun. Be fun

Hiring Policy: Due to the large scale of applicants, we will only be reaching out to applicants that we find suitable for a first interview. Applicants will quickly be evaluated as they apply, so the earlier you apply, the sooner you will be evaluated.

Still reading? How about you answer the question: “What would you do if Getir were yours?” in less than 200 words in the ‘Cover Letter’ option in the application.